Seasonal Staff

Project Avary has a dedicated staff of seasonal employees who come

from far and wide to be part of our summer camp program.  All have

extensive experience working in the youth development field, many as

teachers, counselors, and are passionate about making a difference in

a child's life.  Currently 30% of Avary's counseling staff are adults

who have graduated up through the program.


Cliff Palefsky, President

Michelle Pepitone, Secretary

Tom Zito, Treasurer

John E. Atkinson

Mary Burke, M.D.

Miles Ehrlich

Jack T. Friedman

Nancy Netherland

John Rosenberg, M.D.

Barbara Saunders

William Terrell

Emi Uyehara

Arthur Wachtel

Advisory Board

Brenda Barnette

Larry Brilliant

Mirabai Bush

Wavy Gravy

Tom Huntington

Barbara Kalmanson

Danny Rifkin

Jahanara Romney

Barry Rosenstein

Elizabeth Simpson

Jasper Thelin